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Our Property Tax Appeal Service

Two Easy Steps To Appeal Property Tax Assessments

Online Consultation

A property appraiser has the expertise to determine the true value of your property before you file your property tax appeal. This is especially important when it comes to county assessments, which can sometimes be inaccurate due to a lack of information.  During this cost effective first step our team will determine the viability of your property tax appeal case by an examination of all relevant documents.

Verification & Valuation

Our team of property appraisers will conduct a thorough analysis of your property. This helps ensure that your property tax appeal is based on accurate and complete information.  A property report including our valuation of your property, comparables and directions for filling will be provided. By using a property appraiser for your county assessment appeal, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in property taxes. If your property tax appeal is successful, your property taxes will be lowered, resulting in significant savings over time.

Anticipate a dramatic surge in property tax appeals this fall as tax rates have risen nationwide. With tax assessments on the rise, Beaufort County is projecting an unprecedented increase in property taxes and subsequently, a windfall of property tax appeals. We want to ensure that you and your clients are prepared to navigate this process effectively.

Here are some important details to understand about the tax appeal process:

How does a reassessment work?

Beaufort County conducts a reassessment every 5 years, with a maximum cap increase of 15%. In 2008, during a reassessment, the county received 15,000 property tax appeals. Given the recent increase in property values throughout the county from 2021 to 2023, a surge in property taxes and subsequent appeals is expected.

How does the county calculate these increases?

Beaufort County conducts a mass appraisal in different segments within the county. While this method is effective overall, it can create issues for certain properties. Each property is unique, and grouping properties together can lead to inconsistencies that may result in higher property taxes. Additionally, the county heavily bases its value on the square footage of the property, measuring from the exterior, which may not accurately reflect the actual living space. It is crucial to obtain an accurate measurement by an ANSI certified appraiser to ensure fairness.


Does this mean that my property taxes are going up 15%?

No. It means that your property could be valued at 15% more than it was in the previous assessment. Millage rates control the taxes that are levied to property owners.

Will these increases impact every home in Beaufort County?

Beaufort County has decreased the millage rate this assessment based on budget needs. This is good news for our county and could provide some relief for property owners.

What is the best way to navigate the appeal process, and does my case have merit?

Time is of the essence when it comes to tax appeals in Beaufort County, as you only have a 90-day window to file an appeal. We recommend seeking a consultation from a local real estate attorney or appraiser. Understanding various factors that influence your tax rate can save you from unnecessary expenses. Successful tax appeals can result in significant savings and a return on your consultation or appraisal cost.

Are there cheaper options than hiring an attorney or an appraiser?

At IV360, we offer a cost-effective approach to handling Beaufort County appeals with our consultation service. Our property tax specialists can assess the merit of your case before spending unnecessary funds. We also offer support services like measurements or appraisals if you have hired a representative already.

To support you in navigating the property tax appeal process smoothly, IV360 has established a priority list. By joining our priority list, you ensure that your clients receive prompt and efficient service, avoiding the rush and potential delays. Stay tuned for more detailed guidance on what to expect, coming in the following weeks.

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