iGuide: The Matterport Killer

In today's real estate market, accurate property measurements have become more critical than ever, especially with the new state real estate contract coming in September. Precise measurements play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, minimizing disputes, reducing liability, and facilitating smooth transactions.

🌟 Introducing iGuide - The Matterport Killer! 🌟

iGuide brings unmatched advantages that set it apart from Matterport:

💰 Cost-Effective: iGuide offers bundled services at a competitive cost, including PDF floor plans with measurements, virtual walk-throughs, 360-degree views, standard photo galleries, and no hosting fees.

🏢 One-Stop Shop: iGuide becomes a one-stop shop for all your listing materials. No more coordinating with multiple vendors; with a single order, you'll have all the necessary tools to market your property effectively from standard photos all the way to the brochures.

🛡️ Liability Protection: Many realtors from Charleston and other areas using the state contract have emphasized the importance of accurate square footage before creating a listing to mitigate potential liability issues. With iGuide's precise measurements, you can confidently showcase your property without worry.


📐 Enhanced User Experience: While Matterport's dollhouse view may be challenging to navigate for certain buyer demographics, iGuide offers an intuitive 2D floor plan with room measurements. Users can easily explore the property's layout during the virtual walkthrough, making it a user-friendly experience for potential buyers.

🏠 See iGuide in Action!

We invite you to experience the power of iGuide by checking out our demo at: DEMO. Witness firsthand how this innovative technology can elevate your property listings and provide a seamless and engaging experience for your clients.

Embrace the Future of Property Marketing with IV360 and iGuide!

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