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Old Town Bluffton and Bluffton, SC are local service areas of our certified Bluffton appraisers. We offer comprehensive real estate appraisal services. IV360 can assist you with property appraisals for various purposes, including selling, buying, estates, divorce, property tax appeals, and more.

Appraisal Services We Offer In Bluffton

We offer a wide range of appraisal services for residential and commercial properties.


Below is a short list of some of the most common services our team get called for in Bluffton.

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Bluffton Residential Appraisals

Bluffton's dynamic real estate landscape, Innovative Valuations 360 specializes in comprehensive Residential Appraisal services, catering to a diverse range of properties, from single-family homes to multi-unit complexes. Our seasoned appraisers seamlessly blend advanced technology with meticulous on-site inspections, ensuring swift and precise valuations. Whether it's a cozy family residence or a multifaceted multi-unit property, our tailored approach equips you with the insights needed for informed decisions.

Bluffton Land Appraisals

For Bluffton Land Appraisals, our dedicated Bluffton appraisers engage in exhaustive analysis of local market dynamics, meticulous zoning regulation assessment, and careful evaluation of crucial factors. This method ensures precise and insightful property valuations, capturing the essence of Bluffton's unique landscape. We recognize the distinct value Bluffton land holds, and our dedication to accuracy equips you with a comprehensive understanding of its worth. From market intricacies to zoning specifics, trust Innovative Valuations 360, your Bluffton appraiser, for expert Land Appraisals that empower confident decisions in Bluffton's dynamic real estate scene.

Bluffton Commercial Appraisals

Amidst Bluffton's vibrancy, our Commercial Appraisals, conducted by skilled Bluffton appraisers, radiate meticulous precision. Our valuation range includes thorough income analysis, deep cost assessment, and insightful sales comparisons. With experience in Bluffton's diverse commercial landscape, from bustling retail centers to dynamic office spaces, we tailor our approach to embrace its uniqueness. Rely on Innovative Valuations 360, your Bluffton appraiser, for Commercial Appraisals in Bluffton that offer strategic insights, empowering your navigation of the evolving business scene.

Estate, Divorce & Property Tax Appeal Appraisals

Bluffton Estate Appraisal Services

Recognizing the significance of precise appraisals in estate settlements, Innovative Valuations 360 (IV360), your Bluffton appraiser, specializes in tailored appraisal services for estate attorneys and their clients. Our experienced, certified appraisers are well-versed in estate planning, probate, and trust administration valuations. With meticulous evaluation of real estate, personal property, and business interests, our expertise empowers you to navigate the process, ensuring equitable asset distribution and fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities. Whether for estate planning, tax filings, or sales, IV360 is your trusted ally, delivering accurate, impartial appraisal reports adhering to the highest professional standards.

Bluffton Divorce Appraisal Services

Regarding divorce cases, appraisals are crucial for equitable asset division. Rely on Innovative Valuations 360 (IV360), your Bluffton appraiser, for specialized and customized appraisal services. Our skilled appraisers excel in valuing real estate, personal property, businesses, and assets, backed by thorough research and advanced methodologies. Our team can offer expert testimony and reliable appraisal evidence, aiding your legal arguments. Trust IV360 for precise, unbiased, and defensible appraisals that navigate complexities, secure fair settlements, and protect client interests in divorce cases.

Bluffton Tax Appeal Services

Challenging property tax assessments demands meticulous evaluation and expert guidance. At Innovative Valuations 360 (IV360), your Bluffton appraiser, we specialize in assisting property owners with tax appeal appraisals. Our skilled team conducts thorough analyses, leverages market insights, and employs advanced methodologies to provide accurate, well-documented appraisals that strengthen your case for a fair property tax assessment.

Hear From Bluffton Customers

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Chris Lane
Chris Lane
Innovation’s virtual walkthrough tech, with its impeccable attention to detail and stunning 360 photos, provided an extraordinary experience that allowed me to explore and showcase my home like never before. I wholeheartedly recommend these guys to anyone in search of a remarkable virtual representation of their property.
Russell Sheldrake
Russell Sheldrake
IV360s tax appeal appraisal services are simply outstanding. With their unparalleled professionalism and expertise, navigating the complex tax appeal process becomes a breeze. Their attention to detail, deep understanding of local tax laws, and persuasive arguments were truly remarkable. Throughout the entire process, IV360 provided exceptional customer service, keeping me informed and addressing all my concerns promptly.
Charlie Schroeder
Charlie Schroeder
Dear IV360 Team, I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with the photo shoot for my recent condo listing in Hilton Head. The photos were stunning and VR 360 pano gave potential buyers a walkthrough feel that truly brought the space to life. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and efficiency made the process a pleasure. I appreciate how you accommodated my tight schedule and respected the space. Overall, I couldn't be happier with your work and I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for high-quality real estate photography. Thank you for helping make my condo listing a success. Sincerely, Charlie Schroeder

Meet Our Bluffton Appraisers

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Todd Oomens

Licensed Residential Appraiser

Residential Properties

South Carolina


Rob Cobia

Certified General Appraiser

Residential & Commercial Properties, FHA

South Carolina, Georgia

SRA Member of the Appraisal Institute

miguel headshot final

Miguel Leman

Certified Residential Appraiser

Residential Properties

South Carolina

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