Appraisal Services For Lenders

Our Appraisal Services For Lenders

Data Collection Services

IV360's data collection services leverage advanced LIDAR measuring technology to capture precise, real-time data on a property's characteristics such as location, size, and elevation. This process eliminates the need for time-consuming manual inspections and helps lenders obtain a swift and accurate assessment of the property's value.

Hybrid Appraisal Services

Our hybrid appraisals use a combination of the latest tools and data analytics, paired with the expertise of our certifed and experienced appraisers, to deliver a comprehensive and reliable valuation. This approach provides a faster turnaround time than a traditional appraisal, while still maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and transparency.

Real Estate Appraisal Services

IV360's standard appraisals are available for Residential, Land, and Commercial properties, offering a thorough on-site inspection by our team of certifed and experienced appraisers. Our rigorous process includes analyzing data on comparable sales, income analysis, and cost analysis, ensuring the most accurate valuation possible. We pride ourselves on delivering technical reports that meet the rigorous standards of the industry.

How is IV360 Different From Other Firms?

Leveraging technology for concrete results...faster 

Average Turn Around Time
Days (Residential)


At IV360, our focus on accuracy and speed is enabled through technology. Our innovative appraisal tools land data analytics allow us to deliver accurate valuations quickly and efficiently, providing lenders with the information they need to make informed decisions quickly.

Whether you need a real estate appraisal for residential, land, or commercial properties IV360 has the expertise and technology to deliver timely and accurate results. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your appraisal needs.

Data Collection

IV360's data collection services are at the forefront of the appraisal industry. Our state-of-the-art LIDAR measuring technology captures precise and detailed information on a property's characteristics, including dimensions, layout, and more. This technology allows us to produce highly accurate floor plans with a 99% measurement accuracy, eliminating the need for manual inspections and streamlining the appraisal process for lenders.

Our data collection services go beyond mere measurements. We provide an extensive range of data and analytics, including property photos, boundary maps, and zoning information. Our team of experts leverages this data to ensure that lenders receive the most comprehensive appraisal possible, with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

We remain committed to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the appraisal industry. Our cutting-edge data collection services are designed to provide lenders with the most accurate and reliable appraisals possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your appraisal needs.


The most tech forward appraisal company in the low country...period. 

We are dedicated to delivering appraisal services that combine accuracy, efficiency, and speed. Our team of licensed and experienced appraisers has a deep understanding of the real estate market, with expertise in Residential, Land, and Commercial appraisals. We use the latest technology and advanced data analytics to provide fast and reliable appraisals for lenders.


Residential Appraisals

Our Residential appraisals are comprehensive, covering everything from single-family homes to multi-unit properties. Our team of appraisers combines cutting-edge technology with on-site inspections to deliver accurate appraisals with quick turnaround times.

Land Appraisals

Land appraisals, we conduct thorough analyses of market data, zoning regulations, and other critical factors to ensure that lenders have a precise valuation of the property.

Commercial Appraisals

Our Commercial appraisals are just as thorough and meticulous. We provide a range of valuation services, including income analysis, cost analysis, and sales comparison analysis. Our team of appraisers has experience in a broad range of commercial properties, from office buildings to retail centers.

Our Team

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Todd Oomens

Licensed Residential Appraiser

Residential Properties

South Carolina


Rob Cobia

Certified General Appraiser

Residential & Commercial Properties, FHA

South Carolina, Georgia

SRA Member of the Appraisal Institute

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Miguel Leman

Certified Residential Appraiser

Residential Properties

South Carolina

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